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How do I track my order?

Whenever an order is shipped, we will inform the customer by email that the order has been shipped and provide a tracking number of the order in the email.  Use that tracking number online to get an updated status of your order and when it is estimated to be delivered.



What are your delivery options?

Our delivery options are regular standard delivery by the United States Postal Service.  If a customer desires an order faster, rush charges will apply.  Contact us by phone or email for details.


How do I return an item?

A customer can return an item for exchange only, by

contacting us at our phone number or by email. We will

then send a return label so that the customer can

exchange the item for another.

Do you provide International delivery?

Currently, we do not provide international delivery.



What is your returns policy?


Items purchased can be returned for an exchange only. There are no refunds.

Please Note: An item to be returned must be returned in the same new condition it was purchased. Items with makeup, lipstick, spots, deodorant stains, tears, etc. are not eligible for return.